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* Only home buyers that are represented by Windermere Select Properties as their sole and
exclusive agent in the purchase of real estate and who close escrow to final settlement are eligible
to receive a rebate. The rebate is for 25% of the actual commission real estate received by
Windermere Select Properties at the close of escrow for representing the home buyer, net of any
allowances or deductions by Windermere Select Properties related to the real estate transaction.
Any bonuses or incentives, over and above the cooperative broker commission listed in the real
estate MLS, offered to Windermere Select Properties by the cooperating real estate broker and/or
home seller are not included in the rebate. The home  buyer is not entitled to these bonuses or
incentives. The amount of cooperating real estate  broker commissions vary from property to
property. The rebate will be credited to the party or parties actually named on the HUD-1
Closing Statement. If a credit at close of escrow is not allowed then the rebate will be paid within
10 calendar days of successful close of escrow and settlement. All such parties must sign a Rebate
Statement before any rebate will be issued. This rebate is only available where permitted by law
and when not otherwise allowed by the buyer's home  lender. There may be tax consequences to
the rebate. The home buyer is advised to consult a real estate tax advicor before accepting the
rebate. Offer is subject to terms, conditions, restrictions, modifications, and may be discontinued
without notice.
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We give home buyers 25% of our real estate commission.* Home sellers have a flexible commission plan.*
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